What if you could be productive & start accomplishing your goals?



Plan and Take Action is a course that will walk you through the process of choosing your priorities, finding time in your busy schedule, and learning to do productive work for your TPT business so you can get things done.


TPT Seller Misty Miller

I am a former teacher. I taught Special Education Resource for 19 years before leaving the classroom. In August of 2013, I started selling math-related resources on Teachers Pay Teachers (TPT). I loved it from the very beginning! I have been doing TPT full-time for the past 4 years. In 2016, I started a blog geared towards sellers called Just a Thought or Two. Later that year I started the FB group TPT Seller Tips and Advice. In 2017, I started the New Seller Workshop. I have been working with new sellers since that time in helping them get their store off on the right foot and teaching them some of the things I have learned along the way.

Do you ...

  • feel overwhelmed with everything to do in a TPT business?

  • struggle to figure out where to start?

  • want to accomplish your goals instead of wasting your time?

  • want your new year to be exceptional and productive?

  • want to grow your TPT business?

Then JOIN Today!

You'll learn to find time in your schedule and to use your time wisely. You'll learn to focus on what's important and not worry about the rest of it. I walk you through my planning process that I've used for the last several years. This process works whether you are doing TPT as a side hustle or doing TPT full-time.

Course Curriculum

    1. A message from Misty

    2. Plan and Take Action Packet

    3. Copy of How to Use the Discussion Panel

    1. Balance

    2. Video - Ideal Weekly Schedule

    3. Your Time Tips

    1. Overview of Goal Setting

    2. Video - Overcoming Fears & Changing Mindset

    3. Video - Priorities

    4. Video - Creating Goals & Action Steps

    1. Video - Monthly Planning

    2. Video - Weekly Planning

    1. Video - Tracking

    1. Video - Focus

    2. Video - Motivation

About this course

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Learn to Plan, Take Action, and Be Productive

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