Or let me rephrase that...

What if over the next few months you could spend that "internet searching" time on actually learning and applying proven strategies?

  • Strategies that will help you learn to sell on TPT
  • Strategies that will help you build your TPT store
  • Strategies that will help you take your TPT store from a hobby to a business

What if you had a mentor to help you get unstuck? Someone to help you directly with your problems.

If you want to learn how to build and grow your TPT store with help, keep reading!

Here's the problem...

You know that in order to improve your monthly sales and move your TPT store from hobby to business, you need help with things like product listings, keywords, and marketing.

However, you're constantly second-guessing yourself and asking questions like...

  • What if my products aren't good enough?
  • What am I supposed to focus on?
  • How can I get my products to show up in search?
  • What if no one buys my products?
  • How can I take my store to the next level? 
  • How can I get my products noticed?

Can You Imagine?

Imagine having increased monthly sales without piecing together information, wasting time, dealing with your fears, or feeling like you are left to do this on your own. Imagine having a mentor to help!

  • What would happen?

  • You’d feel confident in your products and their listings.

  • You’d be focused on priorities and have time to build your store.

  • You’d have increased monthly income.

  • You’d be living the life you want to live.

It's time to try The Teacher Seller Academy!

*Scroll down for 6 & 12 Month Options

Learning is great, but it's time to take ACTION!

 Are you a teacher who wants to start selling your lesson plans?

 Are you a TPT seller that is overwhelmed with all of the things that you can do with TPT?

 Are you a TPT seller who is stuck and needs some guidance with what to do next on your store? 

 Are you a TPT seller who is always learning and needs to start doing?

Let's get you enrolled in the

Teacher Seller Academy!

In the Teacher Seller Academy, you will find 3 Steps that I will help you navigate

Step 1: Start

  • Start your TPT store & start selling your lessons and activities
  • Learn or refresh your knowledge about some basics of your TPT store and make sure you are doing things in a legal manner

Step 2: Build

  • Build your TPT store
  • Learn or refresh your knowledge about creating products and images, listing your products, and get help with tech

Step 3: Grow

  • Grow your TPT store and business
  • Learn or expand your knowledge in the areas of marketing, data, and more

Plus you'll be able to work on your Mindset, Planning, and Productivity!

Why is the Teacher Seller Academy different?

The Teacher Seller Academy offers learning and help in all the areas you need - TPT basics, products, technology, marketing, planning, productivity, and more.

The end result: You will be taking action without all of the overwhelm. You will be building and growing your TPT store to create what you want your store to be. You will not be doing this alone but with the help from a mentor.


Valerie from Chubby Bunny's Ink

I have been a TPT seller since 2013, and thought there wasn't much I didn't know. Boy I was wrong! Misty looked at my store and walked through my products giving me specific detailed ways to level up my business. Through my eyes it looked professional and put together...seeing it through her eyes was a game changer. So worth it. Thank you Misty, for being so responsive and detailed in your help.

Cara from Cara from Montara

Misty's TSA is entirely different than the other membership I joined and courses I've taken to build my TPT store. She doesn't focus on how much money you could be making but on the realistic process of building your store. When I have a question or a need, she quickly answers it, or someone in the group does. The pricing is affordable and worth every penny! I've learned so much and can't wait to keep learning with Misty!

Laura from 3rd Grade Engaged

Misty and the Teacher Seller Academy have been wonderful supports for me! It's great to have a go-to spot for learning and any questions I have while growing my store. The access you get to Misty, the courses, and the sense of community are the perfect formula for success!

Mickey from Mickey's Place

The Teacher Seller Academy (TSA) has really helped me on my TpT journey. I needed concrete directions on ways to update my store with what is needed in 2021. Misty is providing this experience in postive ways,: through our Live help, community sharing, and just reaching out and answering a quick question.
I also like the fact that the community is growing and cheering and helping each other. It is a definite win for me, a small TpT entrepreneur who needs one on one help in a Positive and Sharing Environment!

What's Included. . .

The Teacher Seller Academy includes access to the following for each month that you have a paid membership.

  • Monthly Live Classes - Access to All Past Class Replays

  • Monthly challenge to take action from the Webinar

  • Monthly Live Help Sessions

  • Access to Misty through the Community forum & private messaging

  • Academy Community (on Mighty Networks not FB)

  • Handouts, Checklists, Seller Planner

  • Access to the New Seller Workshop & the Next Step Course

  • Access to 30 Days of Pinterest Course & the Getting Started with Email Course

  • Access to Plan & Take Action Course and All Webinar Replays

Enrollment in the Teacher Seller Academy

Hi Everyone!

I’m Misty and I’m here to help you build and grow your store as you start working to turn your store into a business and increase your monthly sales.

I’m a former teacher - 19 years in the classroom. While I was still teaching, I started selling math-related resources on Teachers Pay Teachers (TPT). I loved it from the very beginning! 

I have been working with newer sellers to help them tackle the HUGE learning curve to selling on TPT since 2016 sharing my knowledge and experience.

I have helped sellers move past the hobby stage of their store to the business stage and increased monthly sales.  With my experience in running my TPT business I am teaching others the things I have learned along the way.


  • Is the Teacher Seller Academy a course?

    No. The Teacher Seller Academy is a paid monthly membership. Inside the membership you will find courses and masterclasses. You will have access to those as long as you are a paid member. But a membership is so much more than a course. You will have access to Misty. Misty will be doing monthly masterclasses, helping you directly with your store problems, helping you get unstuck, and answering your questions.

  • What format is the academy in?

    The Academy has: - many pre-recorded & closed captioned video lessons that vary in length - several text lessons - Zoom Calls will occur monthly (1 Masterclass & 1 Q&A Session each month) and replays will be available - a private community on Mighty Networks

  • How much time do I need to do this?

    Misty suggests setting aside a minimum of 45-60 minutes per week to learn, ask questions, and take action. Improving and building your store will take some time but it is possible to do even if you are teaching full-time. Misty will be teaching you how inside the Academy.

  • Why do I need a monthly membership? I’m doing okay. I can get free info on YouTube.

    Joining the Academy means you aren’t searching for what you think you need. You aren’t wasting time on things you don’t need - but you don’t know you don’t need it. You aren’t hopping from one seller’s advice to another trying to piece information together. This is going to save you time with having the whole package in one place. You will be getting help from Misty to help you get clear on your direction.

  • Will this help me go from $ to $$?

    Yes! It definitely can do that IF you are willing to put in the time and apply the lessons. This information is how I’ve built my business. Misty cannot make any guarantees about how much your income will increase because there are too many variables.

  • What if I haven’t started my TPT store yet? Will the Teacher Seller Academy be over my head?

    No. There is information in the Academy that will help start your store off on the right foot including actually signing up for a seller membership.

  • How long do I have access to the material?

    You have access to all materials as long as you are a paid member of the Academy. You will lose access to all courses and webinars if you stop your membership.

What's the Guarantee?

It's hard to hand out promises for something like this. Every store is different. Every seller has a different amount of work they can or want to do. Everyone has a different amount of time. Everyone has different goals.

I do guarantee that I'm available to help you move forward. I'm available to help you brainstorm. I'm available to help you with your next step. 

I've worked with many sellers through my FB group, my courses, and my coaching. Many have made improvements to their stores because they were willing to take my advice and do the work. I try to keep working until we find the solution that works. I ask you to do the same. I can only offer the direction. You are the one that has to take the steps to do the work. 

If you decide the Teacher Seller Academy and my teaching style aren't for you, no hard feelings. We can still be friends in my FB group. 

You can cancel your monthly membership at any time. Directions to cancel are inside the course area. You can also send an email to mistymiller@littleroomunderthestairs.com and let me know. Once a month has been paid for, it will run through that month time period before the membership is cancelled. I do not provide refunds or pro-rate months.

Is the Teacher Seller Academy right for you?

This program is a perfect fit for you, if…

  • You are ready to start selling on TPT.

  • You are tired of piecing together information to improve your store.

  • You are ready to focus on your priorities & leave the overwhelm behind.

  • You are ready to build and grow your store so you can live a life you want to live.

  • You love working with others without the drama and self-promotions.

  • You are ready to take ACTION on your dreams!

What Members Have to Say